Geographic data

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using AlgebraOfGraphics, CairoMakie
using Shapefile, ZipFile
using Downloads

Antarctic coastline. Data from the SCAR Antarctic Digital Database[1].

# Download, extract, and load shapefile
t = mktempdir() do dir
    url = ""
    r = ZipFile.Reader(seekstart(, IOBuffer())))
    for f in r.files
        open(joinpath(dir,, write = true) do io
            write(io, read(f, String));
    Shapefile.Table(joinpath(dir, "add_coastline_medium_res_polygon_v7_4.shp"))

# Draw map
plt = data(t) * mapping(:geometry, color = :surface) * visual(Choropleth)
fg = draw(plt; axis=(aspect=1,))