The function visual can be used to give data-independent visual information about the plot (plotting function or attributes).

The available plotting functions are documented here. Refer to plotting functions using upper CamelCase for visual's first argument (e.g. visual(Scatter), visual(BarPlot)). See the documentation of each plotting function to discover the available attributes. These attributes can be passed as additional keyword arguments to visual, or as part of the mapping you define.

In fact visual can be used for any plotting function that is defined using the @recipe macro from Makie. This means that if you have a custom recipe defined in another package you can use it from AlgebraOfGraphics just like any of the plotting functions defined in Makie.

# Examples

using AlgebraOfGraphics, CairoMakie

df = (x=randn(1000), y=randn(1000))
plt = data(df) * mapping(:x, :y) * AlgebraOfGraphics.density(npoints=50)
draw(plt * visual(Heatmap)) # plot as heatmap (the default)

We can specify a different colormap using the underlying Makie keyword colormap.


For discrete scales you should not use a colormap; you will want to instead use the related notion of a palette.

draw(plt * visual(colormap=:viridis)) # set a different colormap