AlgebraOfGraphics.Layer โ€” Type
Layer(transformation, data, positional::AbstractVector, named::AbstractDictionary)

Algebraic object encoding a single layer of a visualization. It is composed of a dataset, positional and named arguments, as well as a transformation to be applied to those. Layer objects can be multiplied, yielding a novel Layer object, or added, yielding a AlgebraOfGraphics.Layers object.

AlgebraOfGraphics.ProcessedLayer โ€” Type

Output of processing a layer. A ProcessedLayer encodes

  • plot type,
  • grouping arguments,
  • positional and named arguments for the plot,
  • labeling information,
  • visual attributes.
AlgebraOfGraphics.Entry โ€” Type
Entry(plottype::PlotType, positional::Arguments, named::NamedArguments)

Define plottype as well as positional and named arguments for a single plot.

AlgebraOfGraphics.AxisEntries โ€” Type
AxisEntries(axis::Union{Axis, Nothing}, entries::Vector{Entry}, categoricalscales, continuousscales)

Define all ingredients to make plots on an axis. Each categorical scale should be a CategoricalScale, and each continuous scale should be a ContinuousScale.